The Newbie’s Guide

The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is an ongoing blog series featuring helpful hints, tips, and tricks for authors. The series covers everything from writing advice to information on pitching events to marketing help, social media etiquette, and more. You can find links to the posts in the series below.

A Crime is Only a Crime If… – Writing about crime? Find out if your plot meets the credibility test!

To Pitch or Not to Pitch? – Considering participating in a Twitter Pitch Party? Need to know what a Pitch Party is?! Find out here.

Submission and Query Etiquette – Ready to submit? Take a look at what to expect, what you should do (and avoid doing), and how to respond to specific situations (like a full manuscript request).

Revising, Rewriting, and the Importance of Critique Partners – Have you finished your first draft? It’s time to dust off your editing skills and get to work! This post discusses revising, rewriting, and the invaluable help critique partners and beta readers provide.

Social Media Etiquette for Authors – Ready to dive into social media? This post discusses what you should and shouldn’t do, and why.

The New Author’s Guide to Book Releases – Ever wonder what a release blitz is? Or where to purchase swag? This post discusses everything you need to know to get started planning your release day activities.

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