Novellas/Short stories

Genre: Erotic Short Story
Word Count: 5,700

In Trey Stone’s world, it’s rare to find someone not playing some game. Innocence is never really innocence, but an act designed for some other purpose. To inveigle an invitation into his bed, into his inner circle, or into his confidence. He’s never foolish enough to fall for it. With Trinity Howard though, it wouldn’t be falling. It’d be something else… something he craves. And tonight, it’s his for the taking.

CRAVE is no longer available for purchase.


Genre: Erotic Romance (Contemporary)
Word Count: 10,500

After four months of falling for Ava Cameron, Noah Maxwell has finally found the nerve to tell her how he really feels about her. But when the words come tumbling out of his mouth over an intimate dinner, they aren’t at all what he intended to stay. His confession sounds like nothing more than an attempt to get her out of her clothes and into his bed.

Now faced with losing Ava for good, Noah has to find the courage to tell her the truth. Can he do it or will his fumbling ruin everything?

Now available from Cobblestone Press.
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