Announcing: Son of a Pitch! (Coming in February)

Pitching competitions can seriously suck. They make you freak out with the pressure, make you sick as you sit waiting for news for weeks, then get practically nothing out of it, not even one sentence of useful feedback.

You end up secretly thinking something like…

Well, this competition isn’t like that. This is your chance to get real feedback, not wait forever, and to see–as the competition unfolds–how you’re going.

Want a round first up to refine your query and first 250 words? Done. The first week is all about that. We want you to stand a chance, and also increase your chances when querying outside of the comp. Because really, cold queries get more deals than competitions do, so let this comp help you get there by giving you a week full of feedback from your peers.

Want a round where published authors give you feedback? Do you want someone who has been there and done that to help guide you? Done. The second week, the Son of a Pitch team, who are all published, will post your email in queries and 250 words, provide feedback, and fight over who has the best pitches on their blogs. They will vote for their favorites to go onto the final round.

Want to get seen by industry professionals? Done. We have a line up of editors, publishers, an agent, and we’re still working on more agents (please let us know of an agent or publisher you might like to see your pitch!) But they’ll swing by the final contestants to try to bribe you into subbing to them. Who knows? You might get a sweet book deal!

And finally, we’ll have a free-for-all Twitter pitching opportunity under the hashtag #sonofapitch

And guess what? You can say whatever you want! Don’t worry about this pretentious nonsense that floats around comps; express the real you. Your story rocks; make sure everyone else knows it as much as you do by taking advantage of other people’s experience and point of view.


Week 1 starts Feb 15, 2016
Week 2 starts Feb 22, 2016
Week 3 starts Feb 29, 2016
Twitter Pitch: Mar 7, 2016

This is for all genres of YA, NA, and Adult.

The published author team (responsible for posting your queries and offering feedback during week 2) are:

Samantha Bryant
Ayden Morgen
Elsie Elmore
Yolanda Renee
Leigh Statham
Mara Valderran
Stacey Nash
Publisher and Literary Agents participating (week 3) are:

Anaiah Press
Blaze Publishing
Bloomsbury Spark
BookFish Books
City Owl
Curiosity Quills Press
Dawn Michelle Frederick (Red Sofa Literary)
Future House
Jenny Goloboy (Red Sofa Literary)
Jolly Fish
Loomis Park
Soul Mate Publishing

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